Faulty Connections. A loose bolt can allow for a leak path which could be the source of your problems. You do want your toilet fastened to the floor securely. You can have the same problem here, a loose bolt or bad seal at the bolt can cause a leak. A hard thrust downward can break the wax seal between the toilet and the floor, causing a leak. All of the things we mentioned above will cause a leak on the exterior of the toilet. If you have a toilet leak, there could be a number of different causes behind it.If you don’t find out the actual cause, it could cause serious damage to your home. To detect a leak… A cracked bowl can cause property damage and waste a lot of water. To the toilet itself, not really so much. A toilet leak on the floor can cause mold and structural damage both to the floor under the toilet and possibly the ceiling or foundation below, so this is a toilet repair bathroom plumbing issue that needs to be acted upon right away. This can be due to faulty fittings such as the tank-to-bowl bolts or the tank-to-bow sponge gasket. 10. If a toilet overflows, you could also end up with rotting floorboards as well as massive utility bills caused by wasted water. It can lead to rotted wood and mildew and mold problems. Sometimes the leak will be obvious, but other times, you’ll have to inspect your fixture carefully to determine the source of the pool of water on your bathroom floor. If your toilet … Toilet Makes Loud Noise Randomly CAUSE & SOLUTION. If you notice your toilet making a loud noise, either when flushed or randomly, it’s a clear indicator that something is wrong with your toilet. Other times, the cause of the leak and water on the floor of your toilet could be the connection between the toilet tank and the bowl. Obstruction and/or buildup Having drippy leaks around your house can be bothersome. This is why it’s important to deal rapidly with any toilet malfunction, such as when the toilet begins to leak. This common plumbing problem becomes especially frustrating and uniquely repulsive when the leak comes from your toilet. A very common attempt to repair a loose toilet is to try and tighten the bolts on the side. By fixing your toilet leak, you’ll surely save a lot on your next water bill. There is one warning about the expectations for success with this method. Just because there’s a puddle near the toilet doesn’t rule out the possibility that the leak is coming from somewhere else. This is very common and means your toilet flange, which is what the toilet is bolted to, is below your floor level and should be raised to slightly above the floor height. Most people seem to know that an obstruction can cause a slow flushing toilet. There are so many pipes powering your bathroom amenities, from the sink to the toilet to the bath. Your first step is to do a leak detection investigation. The leak may be coming from a loose connection between the base of the toilet and the waste pipe in the floor. The toilet leak may not be coming from the base. A toilet leaking from around the base when flushed indicates that the wax ring is not sealing. A toilet that is not level can break down the wax seal, causing it to leak from the base. Toilet leaks are caused by various problems, and there are several places where a toilet can spring a leak. When the bolts become loose, the toilet can rock back and forth. Rubber linings used to ensure watertight connections also wear away, causing toilet leakage. A tank that has deteriorated will cause a slow leak or even a sudden burst. A lot of people simply do nothing and then they have complete blockage or worse they have a flood in their home. This often happens when resurfacing a floor that was linoleum with tile. Can A Toilet Leak Without You Knowing It? ... Iron-rich water can indeed produce foul smells. It will be hard for you to detect the leak since you are not a plumber. A leak certainly will cause water pressure reduction and you might also notice your water bill has increased. The toilet in the house I just moved into is loose on the floor. The tee bolts that are connected to the toilet flange serve this purpose. Tightening the toilet may help. How to Fix a Leaking Toilet in 4 Steps! They can cause major water damage to your home and waste a lot of water, which can in turn drive up the cost of your monthly water bill. The various toilet connections tend to become loose with time. If neglected, the leak can destroy the floor, leading to costly repair and replacement. A hairline crack on the toilet bowl can also cause it to leak.